Good Financial Reads: The Benefits of Financial Planning

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October 11, 2019

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Financial Planning as a Decision Making Framework

by Nathan Schorsch, Head to Toe Financial

Financial planning provides a framework to make decisions through the lens of financial security as well as proper allocation of resources. This does not mean that capitalism and money are the end all be all, but with finance playing such a prominent role in our lives and relationships, utilizing financial planning as a decision making framework can help put you in a better spot when you encounter tough situations in life.

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Financial Habits Weave Into So Many Areas Of Your Life

by Michelle Smalenberger, Financial Design Studio, Inc.

Finances weave into so many areas of our life, so we need to start early!

Think about it. Do you ever go back and think about all of the decisions, or the choices that you’ve made in a day? Let’s just try it. Just so you can truly understand all those choices. And the type, or the timing of how long it actually took you, to make that decision.

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Get Specific Financial Advice – It Matters Eventually

by Michelle Smalenberger, Financial Design Studio, Inc.

There is no doubt, that right now you’re finding out the specific result of the tax cut and Jobs Act, that was put in place at the end of 2017. But we’re just now seeing the result of that, here in the beginning of 2019, after doing our tax returns. Did you get specific financial advice in this area?

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