Why Are You Thankful?

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November 26, 2014

Are You Thankful

Why are you thankful this year? Are you grateful for friends and family? For your job or the goals you've made progress on this year? Are you appreciative of what you have, or do you feel thankful for your health?

Chances are, you have something to express thanks for along with your Thanksgiving meal. But if you need a little inspiration to get those feelings of gratitude flowing, we've got you covered.

We're loving these blog posts that share what others are grateful for and why -- and remind us of what's truly important as the holiday season gets into full swing.

Cultivating the Right Money Mindset: What to Be Thankful for This Year

"It all starts with a bit of gratitude — being thankful for what you already have, not what you don’t. Consider all the wonderful things in your life and celebrate your financial successes, no matter how little. This holiday season, start cultivating the right money mindset and be thankful for where you are in life, and your financial successes."

XY Planning Network's own member advisor, Michael Solari of Solari Financial Planning, wrote a great post about what we can all be thankful for this year. He reminds us why gratitude is important, and encourages us to maintain positively-focused mindsets as we make progress on financial goals.

The 5 Minute Gratitude Exercise That's Transformed My Life

"We’ve all got this positivity thermostat in life that seems to go up and down like a thermometer depending on the day. Doing this gratitude exercise doesn’t erase the bad days, but it puts you in control of your thermostat and starts your day on a really high setting."

Stephanie Halligan, blogger at The Empowered Dollar, has a solution for those of us who tend to lose sight of the good stuff. (Hey, it happens to all of us from time to time.) She walks us through a 5 minute exercise that we can do daily in order to start every day off right, focus on what we have instead of despairing over what we don't, and set our outlooks to positive.

5 Things I’m Thankful For (Black Friday Is Not One of Them)

"I really do like Christmas also but sometimes, I feel like that holiday has become so commercialized. The days leading up to be become all about what gifts you are giving and what gifts you are getting. I much prefer Thanksgiving because it’s just simple and fun and full of food and family."

We appreciate this reminder from Connie of Savvy with Saving -- Thanksgiving should be about fun, food, and family (or the family you choose yourself: friends). Connie lists out some great things to be thankful for, including health, loved ones, and passion.

Why are  you thankful this year?