Good Financial Reads: What's the Deal With Credit?

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January 10, 2020

Whats the deal with credit

Are Credit Scores Sexist?

by Scott Newhouse, Forthright Finances

I was hanging out with a friend recently and they asked me a question I had never considered before:

Are Credit Scores Sexist?

I did some research on the subject and this is what I came up with:

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Why Credit Scores Matter

by Sahil Vakil, MYRA Wealth

A good credit score category is around 660 to 670 on a range of 300 to 850 in the United States. An even better credit score starts at 750. But it takes time, especially if you just moved to the U.S. — but it’s not impossible.

Having a good credit score can be important for many reasons and the difference between having a poor credit score and good credit score can be thousands (sometimes hundreds of thousands) of dollars over your lifetime.

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How Are Credit Scores Calculated

by Sahil Vakil, MYRA Wealth

As an immigrant, you faced a lack of credit history when you came to the United States. Since then, you have worked on building it up. A healthy credit score is essential for easily managing your finances and credit applications. Now that you have a credit score, you are wondering how they calculated it. 

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Freeze Your Credit for Free in 45 Minutes to Reduce Your Risk of Identity Theft

by Chris Ladd, TriPrescient Financial Services, Inc.

Your personal information is everywhere. It’s kept in social media accounts, online shopping accounts, financial accounts, and pretty much any other account you set up online or offline. Companies are quick to collect your information but continue to have problems securing it.

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Credit Report & Score 101

by Dan Andrews, Well-Rounded Success

Want to know more about your credit report, score, and what it really all means?

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