Good Financial Reads: What You Need to Know About Your Credit Score

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October 16, 2020

What You Need to Know About Your Credit Score

Credit Report and Score 101

by Dan Andrews, Financial Planning Fort Collins

You’re stoked. You found the perfect house and are ready to apply for a mortgage. The lending company then performs its due diligence and tells you you’re not qualified for a loan. You later discover that someone opened credit cards in your name and ran amok.

This is one of the main reasons why good financial hygiene involves regularly checking and monitoring your credit.

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Check Those Credit Reports [Trending Pandemic Fraud]

by Rob Stoll, Financial Design Studio, Inc.

With so much personal information stored online these days, identity theft has become a big issue for Americans. Regrettably, the current pandemic has opened up a new way for fraudsters to use stolen identities. What are they doing and what can you do about it?

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Beyond Finances Podcast #44: Credit Score Myths and Truths Revealed

by Eric Roberge, Beyond Your Hammock

Do you know what ACTUALLY impacts your credit score? How much does your score REALLY matter? What should you do to raise your score — and what should you avoid?

In this episode of the show, we bust some very common but total misconceptions around what goes into your credit score and how to maintain a score in the highest range.

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[Video] When to Incorporate? Credit Protection

by Trevore Meyer, Financial Design Studio, Inc.

When lots of people think about incorporating their business they tend to think of the tax advantages they may get instead of the liability protections.  That’s actually what I want to encourage you to think about today. 

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