Good Financial Reads: What Money Can Teach Us About Life (Part One)

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August 23, 2019

What Money Can Teach Us About Life (Part 1)

Money, Happiness, and Joy: Myths Debunked

by Christopher Wells, Flourish Financial Planning

Money touches so many aspects of our lives. It influences our lifestyle, decisions, and emotions.  Our relationship with money evokes a gamut of emotions including stress, greed, shame, eagerness, happiness, and joy. Depending on our season of life, money plays a role in our leisure activities, family planning, quality of life, access to resources, and even social standing. Whether we realize it or not, money acts in the background of life, greatly affecting our emotional health and well-being.

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How to Prioritize Your Actions

by Kyle Mast, Clarity Financial

There are simply more things to be done than you can possibly do. You don’t have to be told this of course. All of us have felt the pressure of the many things pulling at our time, vying for our attention and effort.

How do you decide what actions to take? What work do you prioritize? Do you make lists and then try to determine which are most important or urgent?

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Organization & Productivity: Getting More Done With Less

by Britton Gregory, Seaborn Financial

I've asserted before that the tech professional's optimal path to wealth is to start with a good financial plan and then focus on their career. If you check out the aforelinked* article, you can see that it's laughably easy to create a case study that bears this out. If you understand how raises work, that can give you a leg up in the process. And, as I discovered in my own career as an engineer, the right mindset and productivity tools can make all the difference!

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The Path to Success

by Brian Sheahen, Hudson Oak Wealth Advisory

The path towards success is long and “certainly uncertain” for nearly everyone. Everyone’s definition varies yet there is no guarantee that at the end of the rainbow we’ll find the pot of gold we set out to find. No promise that the hours of commitment to our passions and careers will yield the exact results we wanted. No certainty that the risks we take will be validated by quantifiable, tangible success in the way we initially defined it.

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How to See the (Money) Forest for the Trees

by Eric Roberge, Beyond Your Hammock

Most people make short-term and limited decisions without considering how these choices impact things to the right when you’re only looking left. Here’s how to solve that problem.

If we could compare life to walking through a forest, we could say that you pass a lot of trees along the way. And most people tend to obsess over the nearest tree.

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