Good Financial Reads: How to Budget Like a Boss

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January 22, 2021

how to budget like a boss

Is Cash Always King?

by Michael Rivas, Bienvenue Wealth LLC

Seasoned debaters know that a persuasive argument isn’t about being right or wrong, rather it comes down to delivering your points in a compelling, efficient, and strategic manner. There are many topics in the financial world that have spurred such debates over the years and the effectiveness of cash has certainly had its time in the limelight. 

Without further ado, the question you’ve all been waiting for: is cash really king?

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Is Food Killing Your Budget?

by Leo Marte, Abundant Advisors, LLC

Groceries tend to rank consistently as one of the largest items in a family or individual’s expenditures. They are commonly understood to be part of the four walls of your financial life (food, shelter, clothing, and transportation). Yet, many do not know for sure how much they spend each month to feed their families. The monthly variability and the occasional trip down the sweets aisle make it challenging to create a set budget to stick to every month. Besides, since food is a need, we can spend any amount we want, right? Think again. Your grocery expenses may be your biggest budget buster.

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Spending (Budgeting) Software Tracking Tools

by Travis Tracy, Fortitude Financial Planning, LLC

One of the key components of taking control of your finances is understanding where your money is going. Once you know where your money is going, you can start assessing your spending to see if it reflects your goals and priorities. To understand where your money is going, you will have to track your expenses. I wanted to share four tools to choose from to help you with tracking your expenses.

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Get Value (and Joy) Out of Your Spending by Knowing Where Your Money Goes

by Joe Morgan, Best Financial Life

A friend recently told me that all he wants to know about his finances is how much money he needs before retiring. He doesn’t care about understanding      his spending—or even looking at it!

He knows his spending is high today, but he believes he can reduce it at any time, and the best time seems to be retirement.

This mindset will not lead you on the path to financial success.

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[Video] 5 Ways to Improve Business Accounting & Budgeting

by Michelle Smalenberger, Financial Design Studio, Inc.

We have been talking to our business owners on ways to improve operations, legal structure, and accounting.  Here are 5 ways you can improve the accounting or budgeting process that you have. 

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Is Your House Breaking The Bank?

by Leo Marte, Abundant Advisors, LLC

Owning a home is a fundamental part of the American Dream.  Yet few Americans calculate the real cost of homeownership.  We make sacrifices to secure the roof over our heads, but is our desire for bigger and better leaving us stretched too thin financially? Let’s explore together what it looks like to be house poor and what we can do about it.

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