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October 21, 2022

financial compatibility

Financial Planning for SINKs and DINKs

by Regina Neenan, Financial Planning Fort Collins

For SINKs and DINKs, financial planning is … different. 

What are SINKs and DINKs, you ask? SINK is an acronym for “single income, no kids.” And if you guessed that DINK stands for “dual income, no kids,” you’re right! But there’s much more to approaching financial planning for folks in the “no kids” camp than the simple fact that they don’t have children.

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Do You and Your Spouse Have Compatible Spending Habits?

by Philip Weiss, Apprise Wealth Management

When it comes to household tasks and chores, most married couples take a “divide and conquer” approach. One spouse might handle weekly shopping, the other might handle garbage and recycling. The first spouse might handle laundry and cleaning while the other might handle yard work and maintenance. Or one spouse might drive the kids to school, the other might handle pickup and extracurricular activities.

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How to Have a Financial Conversation With Your Partner

by Quentara Costa, POWWOW, LLC

Despite it being no secret that money can cause a breakup, being on the same page about finances is not a factor that’s highly considered at the start of a relationship. And depending on financial upbringing, talking about finances at all can be considered taboo. I can attest to this. My family never talked about money – it was treated as a secret. And if anyone shares this experience, it’s understandable why you may not broach the topic until you’re feeling too far down the rabbit hole of the relationship. 

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Should Your Spouse Join You in a Divorce Workshop?

by Chris Chen, Insight Financial Strategists

As a Financial Planner, I participate in many different types of workshops, including divorce. Pandemic obliging, these days they are usually webinars.   Divorce is no exception. Should you suggest to your spouse that they should join you in a divorce workshop? Or do you want to keep the information that you got in a divorce workshop to yourself? 

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How Does Your Financial Planning Change if You Are Single, in a Couple, or in a Group?

by Jay Zigmont, Childfree Wealth

By nature, Childfree individuals seem to be more flexible in their family structure. In Childless individuals over 55, 32.1% were never married (as opposed to 2.6% for parents). Childfree individuals are more likely to stay single, be in a long-term relationship (without being married), and to be in a group than the general population. Your choice to be single, in a couple, or group, changes your financial and estate planning, goals, and spending.

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