Good Financial Reads: 401(k) Saving & Investing

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September 27, 2019

401(K) Saving & Investing

How to Rollover a 401k (and How to Determine If You Should or Not)

by Eric Roberge, Beyond Your Hammock

About half of Americans have access to a workplace retirement plan like a 401k.

If you’re one of them and have also had more than one job in your career, chances are good that you don’t just have your current 401k… you have one (or more) from previous employers, too.

You might have moved on with your career, but don’t forget about those accounts that you might have left behind.

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#1 Mistake Employees Make with Their 401(k)

by Lucas Casarez, Level Up Financial Planning

Curious what the #1 mistake employees make with their 401(k) plans is? Find out!

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Should I Use the Brokerage Window in My 401(k)? What IS the Brokerage Window in My 401(k)?

by Meg Bartelt, Flow Financial Planning, LLC

When you log on to your 401(k) website at, say, Fidelity, do you see a mysterious mention of a “BrokerageLink®”? Have you ever wondered what it is and whether you should use it?

BrokerageLink is just Fidelity’s version of a “brokerage window.” What is a brokerage window, you ask? Let me quote FINRA (big, important self-regulatory body for the investment industry):

Some 401(k) plan sponsors allow employees to venture beyond the plan’s core menu of investments. Employees can set up a brokerage account—called a 401(k) brokerage window—and choose among a wide array of securities such as stocks, bonds, exchange traded funds (ETFs) and mutual funds.

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What? You mean my 401(k) can go DOWN? Well, I never…

by Meg Bartelt, Flow Financial Planning, LLC

How long have you been paying attention to your investments, or to the stock market? Has it been only for the last few years, or, maybe only since 2009?

2009, by the way, is otherwise known as the bottom of the market during the Great Recession. Also otherwise known as the beginning of one of the greatest bull markets (that is, markets that go up) in US stock market history.

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Thinking 401ks? Think S-I-M-P-L-E.

by Charles Horonzy, Focused Up Financial, LLC

Recently I had breakfast with a friend. The conversation turned to 401ks. He told me that he had a 401k but didn’t know what to do with it or what to invest in. Everyone has heard saving for retirement is important, but the implementation can be daunting. Well, when in comes to a 401k think S-I-M-P-L-E.

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