XYPN Superstars Receive National Recognition

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July 18, 2017

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InvestmentNews' 40 Under 40 

The hands-down best part of our work at XY Planning Network is celebrating the successes of our members. This year's "40 Under 40" project from InvestmentNews gives us the opportunity to do just that. 

Five current XYPN members were recognized among "some of the standout potential in the financial advice industry" who are "doing remarkable things." It's quite the honor for these talented pros considering the InvestmentNews’ editorial staff received over 800 nominations this year. Candidates were evaluated on "accomplishments to date, contributions to the industry, leadership and promise."

Hats off to all forty honorees of the class of 2017, with a special high five to these XYPN members: 
Lauryn-Williams.jpgLauryn Williams of Worth Winning was the first American woman to win Olympic medals in both the Summer and Winter Olympic games. She was inspired to become a financial planner after she hired her first financial adviser at the age of 20. She wanted help managing all of her financial affairs and was disappointed to find her advisor only provided investment advice. In 2012, a Google search directed her towards the University of Miami to study finance and discover the CFP program. She opened Worth Winning in April of 2016 to serve millennials and athletes. 
Hui-chin.jpgHui-Chin Chen was the first International member of the XY Planning Network. After several years of working at Freddie Mac, she discovered financial planning. " I wanted more human interaction and to know what I do makes a difference in people's lives," Hui-Chin said. She earned the Certified Financial Planning (CFP®) designation. She now gives financial planning seminars in many countries, and helps younger clients organize far-flung assets as they move around the world, or leave their home country to move across the world. To work with Hui-Chin, visit her XYPN member profile.
Chloé A. Moore.jpgChloé Moore believes that we must each, "use all of our gifts and talents to make this world a better place while we're here." Chloe has a straight-forward life plan that balances work, play, and service. She is a volunteer assistant cooking instructor, plays both piano and clarinet, and started her own firm, Financial Staples, to help her culinary, entertaining, entreprenurial and professional friends make just the right recipe for their financial's to be stapled down. Learn more about Chloé in her XYPN member profile.
Leighann Miko.jpgLeighann Miko put a business plan into action that she had been working on for five years. Equalis Financial was designed for the LGBTQ community, women, and young professionals. She volunteers with LGBTQ youth and women who have been victims of domestic abuse, a situation she watched her mother endure. She helps women get their lives back on track while teaching basic finance classes and giving one-on-one mentoring at women's emergency shelters. Discover Equalis Financial and Leighann Miko.
Katie-Brewer-CFP-150x150.jpgKatie Brewer is president of Your Richest Life. She works for those whom she feels need financial planning the most, young professionals. She speaks at community, business, and university events about the importance of financial literacy, and provides free personal finance education through Your Richest Life's blog. Read more about Katie and Her Firm



In addition to the 40 under 40 project from InvestmentNews, Investopedia recently revealed their list of Top 100 Most Influential Financial Advisors . In it, they recognized ten top-notch XY Planning Network members.
According to their site, the criteria for the INVESTOPEDIA 100 includes factors such as presence on social media, traditional media, conferences, and online. Investopedia's editorial team reviewed "frequency of posts and appearances, number of followers, reader engagement, and citations of their work by other advisors, consumers and the financial media." 

MichaelKitcesAdditionally, XYPN Co-Founder Michael Kitces earned a top spot as the second-most influential on the list (although he's always #1 to us!). 
Other XYPNers honored by Investopedia include the following:  
Brittney-Castro.jpgBrittany Castro is the Founder and CEO of Financially Wise Women, a Los Angeles based financial planning firm for women. She specializes in working with busy professional and entrepreneurial women who are passionate about life and want to gain clarity around their money. Brittney’s mission is to help women plan and create the life of their dreams, free from anxiety about money. See her on Investopedia.

dave_grant_headshot[1].jpgDave Grant is a fan of the fee-only model and he believes, "everybody who needs financial advice should be able to receive it, not doubt the quality of advice they receive or be in doubt regarding the amount they are paying." With experience advising young professionals, oil executives, and blue-collar families, his vast expertise helped launch Retirement Matters.

Dave Rowan.pngDave Rowan helps individuals who are currently contemplating or experiencing a financial transition. This can include a career change, embarking on an encore career in semi-retirement, losing a spouse or starting up a small business. Rowan provides his clients with the short-term guidance necessary to successfully navigate these often stressful transitions with confidence and financial security.

David Rae.jpgDavid Rae has worked with diverse clients for well over a decade. He built a successful career developing comprehensive financial plans to meet life goals, such as retirement, tax planning, estate issues, portfolio revision, life insurance, portfolio management, business exit strategies and more. “Once you get your financial house in order,” he says, “It’s a lot easier for everything else - personal life, professional life, family life and recreational life - to fall into place too.”

Eric-Roberge1.jpgEric Roberge helps his clients think like entrepreneurs and encourages them to use their money as a tool to live life with purpose. His successful transition from a corporate career to "owner of his life" at the age of 33 drives him to help others take advantage of their cash flow, live for today, and plan responsibly for tomorrow. Eric was also part of InvestmentNews' 40 Under 40 Advisors to Watch in 2016.

Katie-Brewer-CFP[1].jpgKatie Brewer was named to both InvestmentNews' 40 under 40 and Investopedia's Top 100 this year! Katie has accumulated over ten years of experience working with clients and their finances through some of the most forward-thinking organizations in finance. The philosphy of her firm was shaped through her work experience with technology pioneer LearnVest as well as smaller boutique firms that focused on high net worth individuals.

Sophia-Bera-Photo[1].jpgSophia Bera  is not your father’s financial planner. An actor during her undergrad studies, she became a CFP® so she could help answer her friends’ financial questions. After working in traditional financial firms since 2007 and for a New York-based start-up, she decided to quit her job to launch her own firm, Gen Y Planning. She’s now location independent and works virtually with clients in their 20s and 30s across the U.S.

Matt Becker.jpegMatt Becker, founder of Mom and Dad Money, helps new parents take control of their money so they can take care of their families. Every day, Matt helps parents set financial goals, build financial security, and save for the future.

mary beth.pngMary Beth Storjohann, founded Workable Wealth to work with professional and entrepreneurial women, young couples, and military families. She focuses on organizing and building financial confidence, taking time to explain topics clients don't understand. She looks out for her clients' best interests in a non-judgmental, tell-you-what-you-need-to-hear style.

Considering over 10% of Investopedia's Top 100 Most Influential Advisors and Investment News' 40 under 40 honorees are part of the XY Planning Network community, we are proud to represent some of the finest in the industry. XYPN members are bound to a Fiduciary Oath and Fee-Only agreement, ensuring they will act in your best interest.