Why We Need the XY Planning Network

3 min read
April 30, 2014

What do you think of when you imagine a financial planner?

Do you envision advisors in suits that might have cost more than your old sedan sitting behind expansive desks in corner offices? Are you conjuring thoughts of stuffy, aged men far wealthier than you will ever be happily skimming hefty commissions off your nest egg?

Or perhaps when you hear “financial planner” you think of something much worse: a pushy salesman constantly cajoling you to purchase this insurance or that financial product for the sole purpose of enriching themselves (rather than protecting and looking out for the best interests of their clients).

If this is what your definition of a planner or advisor looks like, then there’s excellent news for you. The new wave of leaders and innovators in the financial industry are working hard to erase that image, and to replace it with one they believe is better.


They're setting a new trend in financial planning, and it’s one that’s focused on helping everyone. You no longer have to be rich to have access to not only a financial planner, but a fiduciary who has promised to put the best interests of his or her clients at the top of the priority list. That’s because advisors who have agreed to work on a fee-only system - instead of one that relies on commissions and sales of bad investment advice or unnecessary financial products - in order to provide everyone with affordable, sensible, and personal financial planning.

The XY Planning Network is connecting these planners with their ideal clients: members of Generation X and Generation Y who are interested in building wealth and doing more with their money. That’s us!

The XY Planning Network aims to give us with what we desperately need, and what the financial industry was sorely lacking:

  • a place to find and connect with financial planners who intimately understand our particular life and money situations, and believe in offering a full, rounded plan - not just the same old investment advice
  • the ability to work with advisors who are happy to be a part of a virtual partnership; this allows us to find the absolute best fit for our needs without the traditional limits of physical location
  • a service with a price structure that actually makes sense, because all the advisors in the network provide comprehensive financial planning on a monthly subscription basis - which provides opportunity everyone to secure the financial planning help we need, not just those with assets for the advisor to manage
  • a comprehensive resource that not only supports our needs, but actually holds the same expectation for the financial planners that are part of the network (all advisors are required to sign a Fiduciary Oath and a copy is available on each advisor profile)
  • a simple, fast way to access important information regarding certifications, legal documents, and listed specialties on every financial planner on the network (this information is also available on all advisor profiles via the Find an Advisor link)
  • a source of valuable, timely information and helpful financial advice via freshly updated blog posts, specially curated newsletters - not to mention a two-way conversation via multiple social media outlets

Members of Gen X and Gen Y need the XY Planning Network so we can quickly and easily be connected to the financial planners that actually specialize in our needs, who care about our financial well-being, and who are interested in providing us with the absolute best financial advice for our unique situations (rather than being caught up in selling us things we don’t need or raking commissions off our savings).

It’s time for a consumer resource that provides access to advisors who have sworn to work in our best interests. We don’t need any more sales pitches for commission-based products. We should no longer be shut out by sky-high asset minimums. We should have the ability to hire an advisor who is going to be on our team and genuinely wants to provide us with excellent, comprehensive financial advice.

That’s why we need the XY Planning Network - and that’s why it’s here for us.