The Process from Spender to Saver to Investor

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June 25, 2014

how should you prioritize your savings goalsXY Planning Network was recently mentioned as a great resource for consumers searching for a fee-only advisor who can help clients go from spenders to savers -- and from savers, all the way to investors.

The Wall Street Journal article discussed the process that is required when you want to reign in your spending and start saving instead before focusing on building real wealth with your investments.

Check out where we're mentioned:

His first order of business should be to start 'keeping score' of his income and expenses, Mr. Chadwick says. He can pay an adviser by the hour or by the month to help with this (two sources are and the new, or he can do it himself with pencil and paper, an Excel spreadsheet, or an online personal-finance tool such as

Once he has a handle on his cash flow, he can draw up a budget and start reining in his spending.

For more, you can read the full article here.

If you decide you could use a little professional help yourself to get your finances on track so you can transform from spender to saver to investor, use the Find an Advisor resource to connect with a CFP® who specializes in financial issues that are important to you.