Good Financial Reads: Time Management

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September 21, 2018

Time Management

It's a Matter of Time

by Michelle Smalenberger, Financial Design Studio, Inc.

With the market at all-time highs is it still a good time to invest?  Even seasoned investors who are still adding money toward their goals may consider whether the time is right.  This isn’t necessarily just a question for today’s market, but it could be asked any time.  The answer lies in your time horizon and belief about the market’s potential for performance.

First of all, when deciding to invest, you need to believe that the market can move higher from the point it is at today.  If you don’t think it is heading higher then there would be no benefit to investing. But, if you do believe that over the time horizon you have to invest the market will perform positively then you can proceed to the next consideration.

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Get Your Time Back, Systematically

by Britton Gregory, Seaborn Financial, LLC

You're a busy professional. You occasionally have to work late or on weekends. Maybe you travel -- maybe a lot. Sure, you're well compensated for the work that you do, but it seems like you don't have any time to enjoy that compensation -- even after work, there's your family, with all the time commitments that entails. And there's your house, which always seems to need maintenance or improvement. And the car. And the bills. And groceries. And personal e-mails. And countless other mosquitoes that drain away your time and energy, bit by bit.

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Our Time: The Budget We Always Forget About

by Matt Fizell, Irvine Wealth Planning Strategies

We always hear about the importance of having a budget for our wallet, but do we do the same thing for our calendar? “Time is money”, after all.  Before you roll your eyes at the sight of the dreaded “b-word”, let me be clear in saying this will not be a lecture from me saying “you are wasting your time doing (insert activity)”. Time restraints force us to decide “Can I make it to Timmy’s baseball game?”, “Will we be able to take that vacation this summer?”… if you have ever felt or said “I just don’t have enough time,” this is the article for you.

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