Good Financial Reads: Saving Money Tips & Tricks

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October 04, 2019

Saving Money Tips & Tricks

Stop Over Paying Your Broker

by Johnny Daswani, Alpha Street

Do you know how your money is currently managed?

Do you know how much you are paying to have your money managed?

Many times, if you are working with a larger brokerage firm or asset manager the advisor will use “Managed Accounts.” What is a managed account? A managed account has more than one meaning, it could be what’s called a Separately Managed Account, which is like a mutual fund managed specifically for you.

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by Darren Straniero, Onplane Financial Advisors LLC

Our youngest son, Sutton, is playing baseball again this season. The team is comprised mostly of 7 year olds. So far, we've had a few practices and two games. And let me tell you…they stink.

Seriously. They're not good. After our last game Jill said to me, "It's like watching The Bad News Bears."

And she's not wrong.

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The Great Chase

by Darren Straniero, Onplane Financial Advisors LLC

Last week I showed you the financial planning formula. Here it is again:


Pop quiz: of the four factors in our formula, how many of them are variable?

If you answered all of them, go ahead and give yourself a round of applause. One of the issues with our formula is exactly that: all of the factors are variable.

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An Uncle’s Guide to Education Savings. (Grandparents, You Can Use This, Too)

by Craig Joncas, Penobscot Financial Advisors

Never having had kids, I’ve sidestepped a pretty daunting financial obligation.  Obedience training for our one dog doesn’t come close, cost-wise, to raising and educating several children.

I have a mild and manageable amount of guilt about this.  In the short term, my siblings have burdens I don’t.  But, in the long term, they’ve got a built-in network of offspring, morally laden with the obligation to at least look in on them from time to time in their golden years.

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