Good Financial Reads: Real Estate Edition

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February 18, 2022

Real Estate Edition

Should You Own a Rental Property?

by Dan Haines, SummitView Advisors

Over recent years, direct investing in rental properties has been a popular topic. One of the key attractions of rental properties is the idea of passive income – another source of income to complement your salary or business income that doesn’t involve a lot of extra work.

In an ideal scenario, the property is bought at an attractive valuation, generates healthy income, and appreciates over time, all while generating few headaches and requiring little work. This sounds like a great investment!

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Tips On Getting Started With Real Estate Investing For PharmDs

by Derek Delaney, PharmD Financial Planning

Real Estate investing is a hot trend among the Gen X and Gen Y generations. It's seen as a way to diversify your wealth while simultaneously producing side income. On top of that, it also provides for the opportunity to own an asset that will hopefully appreciate overtime. Owning physical real estate has become even more popular as of late due to the shortage of available housing and the increased demand (more buyers). So how does one get started when it comes to expanding your investment portfolio into real estate, and what should all new real estate investors be aware of as they move into this new venture?

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Back to Basics: So You Want to Buy a Home ...

by Jason Speciner, Financial Planning Fort Collins

Real estate has been quite the hot topic for over a year now. As remote work became more common, those who once had to live in or near larger cities — or face lengthy commutes to the office — began to move further into the suburbs and beyond. Owning rather than renting also became a reality for more Americans due to the relative affordability of owning homes in suburban and rural areas as compared to their big-city counterparts in this new work-from-anywhere world. 

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Do I Need A CPA As A Real Estate Investor?

by Cynthia Meyer, Real Life Planning

Should real estate investors prepare their own taxes or hire an accountant? Utilizing professional tax advice is a foundational financial habit, which is why this is the first step on my list of ways real estate investors reduce taxes. As a CERTIFIED FINANCIAL PLANNER™ who works with real estate investors, I encourage all my clients to use a real-estate savvy tax professional for both tax planning and tax preparation.

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