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September 01, 2017


Following along with the blogs of financial advisors is a great way to access valuable, educational information about finance — and it doesn’t cost you a thing! Our financial planners love to share their knowledge and help everyone regardless of age or assets.
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Catch up on some of the latest posts with this week's roundup:

Investing with Optimism: A Key Factor in Our Investment Philosophy

by Dan Andrews, Well-Rounded Success

Frequently Asked Question: “Dan, how exactly do you help people with their investments?”

Good question! Well, instead of going “blah, blah, blah” at you, how about I show you? Get ready to go under the hood of Well-Rounded Success’ Investment Management Services.

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Understanding Investment Strategies

by Pam Horack, Pathfinder Planning LLC

Think about this: We plan for birthdays, holidays, and even vacations; but we don't give nearly as much consideration to one of the most plan-required tasks of all: Investing. 

Trying to invest your money without an investment strategy is akin to the Carolina Panthers heading into a football game without a playbook. Sure, there’s a possibility that they could win based on sheer talent and prior experience, but having a plan and some direction would significantly improve their chances. 

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The Worst Investment for Your Thrift Savings Plan

by Brad Bobb, Bobb Financial

The financial services industry has gotten a pretty poor reputation over the years. One joke is that the quickest way to end a conversation at a party is to tell people you are a financial advisor (it does work sometimes, I’ve tested it). I believe one of the biggest reasons for the reputation is because of pushy product salesmen. It seems like anyone and everyone can call themselves a financial advisor, and these so called financial advisors are after federal employees’ Thrift Savings Plan dollars.

Before we get to the investment they want you to put your hard earned TSP dollars into, we need to address these “financial advisors”, or “retirement planners” by what they really are. I have a hard time calling these salesmen advisors because their advice consists of telling people to put their money into a product. AND it just so happens to be the same product every time, so I would call them product salesmen, since they really don’t advise on anything.

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Stop getting mad at the weatherman!

by Tyler Reeves, Plimsoll Financial Planning

During the first outbreak of 2017's spring storms, James Spann, along with most other meteorologists in the Southeast, perfectly forecasted the day’s weather. 

There would be, he said, unseasonably warm sunny skies throughout the early afternoon, followed by an outbreak of scattered, severe thunderstorms with the occasional tornado touching down.

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