Good Financial Reads: For Entrepreneurs (Part Two)

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August 16, 2019

For Entrepreneurs

Top 3 Reasons to Own Your Own Business to Increase Your TRUE Hourly Wage

by Kyle Mast, Clarity Financial, LLC

In the current economic landscape that we live in, the benefits of owning your own business are vast. We live in an exciting time in which technology continues to lower the barrier to entry for creating and operating a profitable business, no matter how small in its beginning.  

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Achieving Mental and Emotional Resilience as a Business Owner

by Michael Reynolds, Elevation Financial LLC

Entrepreneurship is grueling and emotionally taxing. In this episode we discuss ways to become more resilient in the face of adversity.

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Why Entrepreneurship is the Third Pillar of Wealth

by Michael Reynolds, Elevation Financial LLC

As we think about building wealth, I want to encourage people to think about diversifying their paths to wealth. When we think about increasing our income potential and our net worth, many people consider the primary tools to be investment accounts and real estate. Investments often take the form of securities like mutual funds made up of stocks and bonds. These are often inside of retirement vehicles like an IRA, Roth IRA or 401(k).

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The Value of Separating Your Identity from Your Business

by Michael Reynolds, Elevation Financial LLC

Entrepreneurs are very predictable.

We follow the same patterns and tend to lean into similar strengths and weaknesses. The drive to succeed and the grit that leads to hours and hours of time invested in our business with no immediate payoff. The naive optimism that keeps us focused on winning despite the odds. The control freak tendencies. The general insanity that leads us to believe that we're better off forging our own path rather than conform to the template we're handed by society.

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To Own or Not to Own?

by Michael Rivas, Bienvenue Wealth LLC

If you have been thus far deterred because of the oft-repeated statistic that 90% of startups fail, I’ve got good news: it’s not actually true. Even during the worst of times (the dotcom bust), the failure rate only reached 79%, a full eleven points shy of this dismal projection.

If we look at the actual numbers, you might feel a bit more encouraged:

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