Good Financial Reads: Estate Planning Edition

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July 08, 2022

Estate Planning Edition

What To Do With Your Estate Planning Documents [Video]

by Trevore Meyer, Financial Design Studio

Great job! You’ve gotten your estate planning documents done and you are ready to get to the next step.

But what is the next step?

That’s a question we get asked quite frequently. We figured it would be worthwhile to go through three steps that you can take to make sure you are using your documents and keeping them safe.

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Everything You Need to Know About Digital Estate Planning With Hannah Shakin

by Grant Bledsoe, Three Oaks Wealth

Have you ever thought about what happens to your social media accounts when you pass away? Do you consider yourself familiar with the legal frameworks that need to be put in place to ensure your spouse has access to all of your online accounts? Our guest this week is Hannah Shakin, an attorney in Downey Brand’s estate planning department. Hannah is a qualified estate planning, probate, and trust administration specialist. Throughout the episode, Hannah shares her insight on the ins and outs of digital estate planning, as well as how you can protect yourself from making the common mistakes she sees regularly in her practice. 

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Review Your Estate Plan Each Year

by Joe Morgan, Best Financial Life

Your estate plan enacts the decisions you would make in circumstances in which you cannot make them.

Can You Answer These Questions?

When you die, what happens to the money and things that you own? Who will take care of your kids? If you are on life support, what decisions do you want to be made? Who will help manage your finances if you are incapacitated?

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Estate Planning For Families With Special Needs Children With Tom Sannicandro

by Grant Bledsoe, Three Oaks Wealth

Estate Planning is crucial step in ensuring that your legacy is passed on in the way that you intended it to be. However, necessity often comes with complexity, and there are many unique circumstances that require a different course of action. Today’s guest, Tom Sannicandro, is a practicing attorney in the state of Massachusetts and an expert on Special Needs Trusts. For the last two decades, he has concentrated his legal practice on estate planning for families with disabilities or special needs children. Throughout the episode, Tom shares his wisdom and explains how he helps his clients in an underrepresented sector of estate planning.

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