Good Financial Reads: Presidential Elections and the Stock Market, Is Retirement Biblical, and More

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October 21, 2016



Following along with the blogs of financial advisors is a great way to access valuable, educational information about finance — and it doesn’t cost you a thing! Our financial planners love to share their knowledge and help everyone regardless of age or assets.

Catch up on some of the latest posts with this week's roundup:


Presidential Elections and the Stock Market

by Dan Joss, Joss Financial Group

I recently had a conversation with a client about the upcoming presidential election and how it may impact the markets–and more importantly, their portfolio.

We discussed some general guidance about us not knowing the future, current market prices, market timing, etc…

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Is Retirement Biblical?

by Ben Wacek, Wacek Financial Planning

Retirement is the most talked about topic in financial planning. It is often portrayed as the ultimate end goal or as the purpose for working hard at a job for multiple decades. For these reasons I ask: is retirement Biblical? This blog post answers this simple yet important question, and in doing so also explores how Christians should spend their retirement years.

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Incentives and Behaviors: What We Can Learn From the Wells Fargo Scandal

by Daniel Wrenne, Wrenne Financial Planning

If you want to understand a person’s behavior, look no further than at what they are incentivized to do. In fact, this is perhaps the only way to understand how, over the course of the last 5+ years, more than 5,300 Wells Fargo employees managed to open over 2 million unauthorized accounts for their customers. Given the overall scale of the operation (5,300 employees!!), it is not surprising the attention this story has received.

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The Unexpected Benefits of Talking About Money

by Eric Roberge, Beyond Your Hammock

Major life events like buying a home, getting married, having a child, starting a business, and investing for the future make the benefits of talking about money with an expert crystal clear.

You can actually touch the life or disability insurance policy that you put in place to protect your family against the unexpected. You can physically sit in your new house because 5 years ago, you made a plan and started saving for a down payment.

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