Learn More About Money: Top Financial Tips from 28 Leading Experts

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February 18, 2015

Financial Tips from 28 Experts Ever wished there was a financial guide that got straight to the point with what you need to know about money? We've been there. Which is why we collaborated with 28 financial experts -- including XYPN's member advisors and independent financial bloggers -- to create our newest resource for you.

A New Collection of Top Financial Tips

We asked our financial experts to give us their number one money tip, piece of finance advice, or important tidbit to know about personal finances. Team XYPN then compiled their responses into one go-to source for anyone looking to get expert advice on a wide range of financial topics -- in a way that's easy to understand and digest. We're excited that you can now grab your copy of  28 Financial Tips from the Experts: Financial Planners & Bloggers Provide Their Best Advice on Money.

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Here's a sampling of the great advice that's available to you via this free guide from XY Planning Network:

  • "When paying off debt, don't do it to the exclusion of savings! Although the desire is understandable to throw every cent you can afford at your debt to pay it off quickly, I propose that you set aside a portion of your income to pad your Emergency Fund." -- Kassandra Dasent, financial writer
  • "Start investing as soon as possible; the sooner you start investing, the sooner you'll start accumulating wealth and learn how to handle the ups and downs of the stock market." -- Julie Rains, senior writer at Wisebread and blogger at Investing to Thrive
  • "Focus on small steps and accomplishments, rewarding yourself for a job well done. Combining the small steps will ultimately get you where you want to go." -- Jason Reiman, CFP®; founder of Get Financially Fit; and XY Planning Network Member
  • "The key to accumulating wealth and retiring comfortably is to avoid the rat race and invest your savings wisely. An increase in income should not correspond to an equal increase in spending." -- Anjali Jariwala, CPA, CFP®; founder of FIT Advisors; and XY Planning Network member

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